Outback Car Trek

We updated an old system for Outback Car Trek using Angular JS, PostgreSQL Database, Material Design on the front end.

The system under our design became fully mobile, with multiple users, and fully accessible across devices.

This car rally has complex systems to track because sales happen in stages and donations above and beyond entry fees are often made to the rally’s cause; the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Our system organises monies, ticket sales, keeps ledgers to track monies owed, part and full payments of fees, donations, auctions and other mini events, keeps track of indemnity and how much has been donated to the cause. It is integrated with Royal Flying Doctor Service systems producing exactly what they need for their records.

The system also provides printable lists and reports making event management so much smoother and easier on the day. And the whole thing is now online, cloud hosted, fully automatically backed up, and secure.