managed hosting

Managed web hosting

If you have had enough of the big guys with their clueless support staff and interminable hold music, we can help with our managed web hosting service.

We will handle all the technical details about hosting your site and you’ll never hear a bar of out of copyright hold music again.

All hours support

We are available 24/7 for support queries via or by phone on + 61 414 661 306.

Secure servers

Our servers are located in an enterprise grade secure hosting facility in Sydney. We run various servers for different tasks, programming languages and performance needs.

We constantly patch and upgrade the software installed on those servers to ensure they are secure and fast. All servers run Linux.

We support many programming languages and software such as VueJS, Go (Golang), PostgreSQL and MySQL/MariaDB.

Daily backups

Your files and database will be backed up daily. Backed up data is sent to a secure offsite facility via a secure private network in Sydney. This ensures if we ever need to restore your site it will be fast and your data never leaves Australia.

Constant monitoring

Our servers are monitored 24/7 for memory usage, CPU load, disk capacity, network capacity and other important functions.

If there is an issue with a server we will know about it before you do.

Email & Gmail

We do not provide email services. Running a secure and feature rich email service is extremely difficult and in our opinion only the very best can achieve this successfully. We recommend Google Apps For Work and can set up Gmail for you. Gmail can use your dedicated domain name.

SSL certificates

As part of our managed hosting we can assist you in acquiring and installing SSL certificates for your site. Prices for certificates vary, installation is free.

Management panel

We do not offer a management panel (like cPanel or Plesk) because we do the management for you. This way you cannot get yourself into trouble and your server will not be lumbered with unnecessary and possibly insecure software.


If a professional developer needs to change files on your server we can offer you SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) access.

Note, we do not offer plain FTP due to its inherent security risks.


We use a very fast and reliable DNS service distributed over 20 countries and utilising anycast technology. This ensures the initial connection to your website is very fast from anywhere in the world. This is an optional free service we offer.

Cheaper hosting services typically bundle in a single-country slower solution which can be unreliable.

We also set up all your DNS records such as A-records, CNAMEs, MX etc.

More information

Feel free to contact us any time on +61 414 661 306 or send us a message and we’ll be in touch.