Debbie Mackinnon

Debbie is a well known Sydney contemporary artist, who has painted full time for 12 years now and has a large, wonderful and ever expanding collection of work. Debbie is also the founder and director of gallery and studio me Artspace in St Leonards, Sydney, where she runs painting workshops every week.

Client Testimonial

Debbie Mackinnon

Artist / Debbie Mackinnon

CodeLab have a great 'can do' approach, nothing seems too hard. They have come up with solutions I really only hoped for, and everything is always done on time, with a great fuss-free attitude.

Website: Debbie Mackinnon
Website: me Artspace

When Debbie came to CodeLab she had a website that didn’t work on mobiles, had bugs aplenty and was difficult to navigate. Her galleries of paintings were not well organised and the design of the site didn’t show off her beautiful work to it’s best. 

We designed two sites for Debbie – one for her own paintings Debbie Mackinnon Contemporary Artist, and one to promote her gallery, studio and classes me Artspace.

Key deliverables for her sites were to create a simple clean design that showcased images of her paintings quickly and elegantly, to organise galleries for collections of paintings that were simple to navigate and had flow, to keep a design theme and branding across both sites, and to improve SEO for her sites and for each image hosted on those sites. We wanted Debbie’s work to travel far and wide, to be found!

CodeLab Deliverables:

  • Responsive website design to function beautifully across all devices
  • Well organised pages with simple and clear navigation and minimal copy
  • Portfolio of recent works with beautiful images, optimised for web using Envira Gallery
  • Well organised image galleries every image cropped and optimised
  • SEO Keyword / phrase research
  • Individual page SEO using the excellent Yoast plugin
  • Image SEO (file name, file size, alt tags, descriptions) for over 60 images of paintings

CodeLab researches plugins and customises WordPress themes to make sure our sites really serve clients’ needs. For Debbie’s sites we used Envira Gallery because it was the fastest and most responsive option. We integrated Debbie’s Instagram feed using Instagram Feed Pro and installed Add This for easy social media sharing.

We did extensive keyword research and helped Debbie to understand image optimisation and SEO.