Royal Australian Historical Society

The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS), Australia’s oldest historical organisation founded in Sydney in 1901, promotes the study of Australian history. The Society organises events, produces publications and provides research advice and support to its membership network of individuals and societies.

Website: Royal Australian Historical Society

RAHS came to CodeLab seeking to replace an existing website which had a number of problems. It looked out of date, didn’t work across devices, the navigation of the site was not flowing or user friendly and it was full of bugs. They were keen to form a partnership with us because of our reputation for good technical support, secure and supported hosting, friendly responsive training and ongoing support of staff who manage website content.

Client Testimonial

Suzanne Holohan, BComm (Hons), BA (Hons)

Company Secretary and General Manager / RAHS

The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) engaged CodeLab's services for a full redesign of the RAHS website and implementation of a new email marketing platform. The work was delivered within budget, ahead of deadline and to a very high standard.

Due to CodeLab's expertise, the RAHS now has a stable platform from which to deliver the Society's services and resources to its members and the history community. The Society also now possesses the skills to effectively maintain its website and eNewsletter functionality, due to the ongoing technical guidance and training provided by CodeLab. The RAHS has received very positive feedback particularly with respect to design and navigation.

The RAHS would not hesitate in recommending CodeLab to other organisations and is grateful to CodeLab for contributing to the continuing realisation of the society's goal in promoting Australian history to new audiences.

The RAHS website is an information based site, and we designed in close collaboration with the society who were in pursuit of a grant to enable them to launch the ‘Beyond The Blue Mountains’ collections of information and images so their archives became accessible to the general public online. We are proud to say our collaboration helped them to get that grant, and we had great feedback from them about how straightforward and trustworthy they have found CodeLab, and how much trust and confidence they have gained in our design, service, problem solving and support.

Technically we addressed speed of site loading, organisation and navigation of a very large amount of complex information, adding ecommerce ticket bookings for events, a blog and an automated newsletter. We built great relationships while liaising with their council and training staff to update and use the site effectively which was a key issue for the RAHS build.

For larger organisations and more complex sites we carefully consider training and support so that staff can manage the site content after the build. For RAHS we created a set of training documents specifically explaining how to manage content ongoingly that could be shared across their organisation.